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Deede Weithorn



Miami Herald Letter To The Editor

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

To The Editor,
As we have all been reading, it seems that property tax reform appears to be an imminent reality. The state Legislature will hold a special session in June to resolve the issue. 

If property tax reform does in fact occur, it will cause the most radical realignment of the budgets of Florida cities that has ever happened. While the exact details of property tax reform are a complete unknown, there is more than enough that we do know that demands immediate action.
Most of the proposals want to limit the amount municipal budgets can grow. This will have a dramatic affect on Miami Beach in particular, but our neighboring communities as well. As residents, I urge all of us, for our own protection, to do the following:
   • Educate ourselves of what these proposals will mean to us as homeowners and our communities;
   • Make our elected officials cognizant of how we feel about the proposals; and, most importantly,
   • If property tax reform ends up on the November ballot, we must become adequately informed so that our decision is an intelligent one and not based solely on television advertising sound bites and misleading print ads and direct mail.
   How often have we seen political change as profound as this? This time with change on the horizon, sit up, take notice and be part of the process.

Deede Weithorn