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Deede Weithorn


Disaster Preparedness
We did a good job during last years hurricanes with respect to debris removal, as well as distributing water and ice to residents. This year, we hired our own emergency coordinator who has started to address our needs. Yet there is still much work to do.

Our City needs to:
• Produce a comprehensive Citywide emergency plan.

• Ensure that the residents as well as the condominium boards and workers are apprised of that plan.

• Explore and secure alternate supply pipelines for after a storm so critical City and other services such as Mount Sinai can readily obtain supplies and materials to get back up and running.
Some City’s have begun to explore partnering with other at risk City’s so construction materials, water, food, and municipal supplies can be diverted to areas of need in a matter of days or hours. We need to secure such a partnership to help our City if the need arises.