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Deede Weithorn


Plan For The Future

We’ve come a long way.

As a beach resident for over 40 years, this City has come very far from its darker days in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

We have re-vitalized once blighted neighborhoods, put this City back on the map on an international basis, and made it livable once again.

However, we need to ensure that we sustain the success we have enjoyed while maintaining (and increasing) the quality of life for our residents.

We need to plan, plan, plan.  As Budget Advisory Chair I was successful in getting the City to prepare 5 year capital and fiscal budgets. We need to expand on that by having planning done in all areas of the City on a coordinated comprehensive basis so we can stay on top. The comprehensive planning will allow us to stay on the right course and not get distracted. We will be able to better allocate resources based on our planning making us more efficient and a better City.

As construction and real estate growth slows down, we need to be vigilant about budgeting and allocation of fiscal resources. Many City’s have crashed after periods of growth because they thought it would last forever. I know the boom will not last forever, so we need to plan now so if there is a fall, it is a soft landing.