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Deede Weithorn



Experience From Day One

As a CPA and an auditor, Deede has had first hand experience on how government works.  She has audited various communities in South Florida, and has chaired Miami Beach's Budget Advisory Committee becoming an influential citizen in our community.

City of Miami Beach
State of Florida
Family Life

City Of Miami Beach
For many years Deede has become a fixture at City Hall and assists in writing fiscal policies for the city.  Since 1999, she has served on the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC).  She became the Chairperson in 2003. Part of her accomplishments on the BAC are:

Budget Advisory Committee Chairperson
• Developed Fiscal Policy recommendations for Fiscal stabilization, Capital Reserves, and Revenue uses.

• Worked with City administration and provided leadership in developing five year long term budget and budgeting processes.

• Monitored and assisted in crafting a fresh look at the City budget, which was done as part of the City Survey in 2004.

• Monitors expenses trend lines verses revenue trend lines to ensure fiscal stability and strength.
• Reviewed annual City budgets.

• Made annual budget presentations to City Commission.

• Reviewed items referred to Budget Advisory Committee from Commission.

• Monitored Y2K issues with I.T. department.

GO Bonds Oversight Committee
Deede also served on the General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee, where she had been a member from 2003 - 2006.  As part of her obligations she:

• Monitored the progress on General Bond Program projects. Reviewed and approved the Basis of Design Reports for various neighborhoods. Served on a  sub-committee to re-vamp reporting program of project status, which begun in September 2006.

• Monitored budgets of all projects, especially critical ones such as Fire Stations #2 and #4.

• Crafted the Renewal and Replacement Fund concept that allocates specific funds for projects which require more than routine maintenance but not bond dollars. This fund will help to protect the investment of our City and its infrastructure so we maximize the longevity of these projects.

Police Staffing Study Steering Committee
Deede also served on the Police Staffing Study Steering Committee.. She sat on the selection committee to select a firm to study the staffing needs of our police department. After the selection process was complete she served on the steering committee to review the recommendations. Prior to either event she rode with an officer on a busy weekend night to observe our force’s special challenges and working conditions.

Health Insurance Task Force
Deede was part of the Health Insurance Task Force which made recommendations to the City regarding structural changes to Health Insurance benefits necessary for both fiscal stability as well as equalizing benefits for all levels of employees. 

City's Auditor Selection Committee
Deede also twice sat on the City’s Auditor Selection Committee.

State of Florida
In addition to these accomplishments at City Hall, Deede is also an active member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA).  Where she has served as:

• Florida State Tax Section Steering Committee Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman

• State Legislative Policy Committee – Member, Vice-Chairman and Chairman

• Gold Coast Chapter – Treasurer, Secretary and President

Part of these duties includes traveling to Tallahassee and meeting with lawmakers and Government officials to assist in crafting financial policy for the state as well as commenting on and analyzing proposed bills affecting business and the accounting profession.

Born in Miami Beach, Deede has attended Beach High and graduated from the University of Florida. She is a CPA and partner at Arty, Cohn, and Feuer.  

Deede is married to Mark since 1984 and has 2 children David (18) and Matthew (15) who both attend the Scholars program at Beach High.

Deede enjoys traveling and hiking with her family.  She can be seen Trekking on the beach and working out.

Deede has been active in her children’s education as well.  She was the:

• North Beach Elementary PTA – Treasurer, Vice-President and President

• Nautilus Middle School PTA – Treasurer (twice)

• Friends of Public Education (North Beach Elementary) – Founding Family and Treasurer.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Deede Weithorn (npa) for Miami Beach Commission, Group VI