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Deede Weithorn




Four years ago, while running for commission, I made several campaign promises. I talked about fiscal responsibility, transparency in government, and a strong sense of community.  I am glad to say that I have kept my word and delivered.

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As the Chair of the City's Finance and City Wide Projects Committee, we instituted:
• Reduction In The Size Of Government
• Bond Rating Increase During Hard Economic Times
• Procured Construction Contracts At Significant Savings
As the Chair of the City's TRAC (Transparency, Reliability and Accountability) Committee, we instituted:
• Revamped The On-Line Access Of The Commission Agendas
• Placed City's Checkbook On-Line
• Capability Of Tracking Items From Committee To Commission
• Placed City Vendor Contracts On-Line
As the Chair of the CIPOC (Captial Improvements Oversight Committee), we instituted:
• We Changed The Bidding Process For Contracts Saving The City Millions Of Dollars
• Added Technical Expertise To Boards
• Eliminated Millions Of Dollars Of Waste And Unneeded Vendors From The Process
Sense Of Community:
• Restarted The Spay And Neuter Program For Cats
• Recognized Women's Equality Day
• Assisted Neighborhoods With Safety Issues